How do I edit a rubric in the assessment library?

In the assessment library, you can edit rubrics in your account. Details for a rubric including name, description, and outcome alignment can be edited, as well as details for individual criterion.

Note: By default, only administrators and instructional designers can edit rubrics in the assessment library. Faculty users must be granted permission by an admin to edit a rubric. If permission has not been granted, faculty users have view-only access to rubrics.

Open Assessment

Open Assessment

In the Toolbar, click the Assessment icon.

Open Rubrics

Open Rubrics

In the Assessment Sidebar, click the Rubrics link.

Select Rubric

On the Rubrics page, locate the rubric you want to edit, and click the checkbox next to the rubric name [1]. Then, click the Edit rubric button [2].

Edit Rubric Details

Edit Rubric Details

On the Details tab, you can edit the title [1] or description [2] for the rubric.

To move the rubric to a different department, click the Department drop-down menu [3].

To allow or disallow evaluators to mark criteria as not applicable, click the Allow evaluators to mark criteria as not applicable checkbox [4].

To save your changes to the rubric, click the Update Details button [5].

Edit Rubric Criteria

To edit rubric criteria, click the Criteria tab [1]. To add criteria to the rubric, click the Add Criterion button [2].

To view and edit a specific criterion, click the criteria name [3].

Edit Criterion Details

In the criterion details, you can edit the criterion name [1], align a different learning outcome [2], align another learning outcome [3], and change the passing level [4].

Edit Levels of Achievement

For each level of achievement, you can edit the name of the level [1], add a description [2], define the points to award for each level [3], or delete a level of achievement [4].

To add a new level of achievement, click the Add Level of Achievement link [5].

Save Changes

To save your criterion details and levels of achievement, click the Save Changes button [1].

To view how the rubric will display to evaluators, click the Preview icon [2].