How do I manage badging accounts in Canvas Outcomes Assessment as an admin?

As an admin, you can manage your institution's linked badging accounts. From the Badging Accounts page, you can view a list of all linked accounts, the number of synced badges, and the date the account was last synced to Portfolium. You can also update a badge account name and description, re-sync a badging account to import new badges, or unlink a badging account from your Portfolium account.

Open Assessments

Open Assessments

In the Toolbar, click the Assessment icon.

Open Badging

Open Badging

In the Assessment Library sidebar, click the Badging link.

Open Badging Accounts

Open Badge Accounts

On the Badging page, click the Badging Accounts tab.

View Badging Accounts

The Badging Accounts page displays a list of all badging providers synced to your account. For each of your associated badging accounts, you can view the account name [1], platform issuer [2], number of badges [3], and last synced date [4].

To search for a specific badging account, enter the account name in the Search field [5].

By default, the badging page displays accounts by last synced date. To sort the badge account list by name, platform, synced badges, or sync date, click the column header [6]. You can sort in ascending or descending order.

View Badging Account Options

To view options for a badging account, locate the account in the account list and click the account checkbox [1].

To remove the badging account, click the Unlink account button [2].

To re-sync your badging account to your Portfolium account, click the Refresh account button [3].

To edit the account details, click the Edit account button [4].

Note: You can also view and edit the account details by clicking the account name link [5].

Edit Badging Account Details

Edit Badging Account Details

On the account's details page, you can edit the badging account name [1] and description [2].

To save your changes, click the Update button [3].

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