How do I view scoring details for my Portfolium assignment?

When a reviewer has scored your assignment, you will receive a notification. You can also view scoring details at any time from the Assignments page. The Submissions Details page will show you comments left by the reviewer and the rubric used for scoring, if one was added to the assignment.

View Notifications

Open Submission

You will be notified when your assignment has been scored. In the Toolbar, click the Notifications link [1] and then click the notification in the Notifications tray [2].

Open from Assignments Page

Open From Assignments Page

You can also access your assignment score from the Assignments page. To view the assignment's details page, click the name of an assignment.

View Submission Details

The assignment's details will display the assignment's status [1], the scoring type [2], your score [3], and a link to view the full rubric [4], if your assignment was graded using a rubric.

View Rubric

The full rubric will open in a new tab in your browser and displays horizontally. To view all the rubric criterion, scroll the rubric to the side.