How do I manually enroll students in a pathway?

You can manually enroll users in a pathway using email addresses. Pathways supports adding up to 5,000 users at one time. If a user does not already have a Portfolium Network account, they can still be enrolled in the pathway. New users will be prompted to complete the on-boarding process when they first attempt to access the pathway.

When the enrollment process has been completed, you will receive an email indicating the process is complete and how many enrollments were successful.

Open Pathways

Open Pathways

In the Toolbar, click the Pathways icon.

Open Pathway

Click the name of the pathway.

Add Students

On the pathway details page, click the Add Students button.

Enter Email Addresses

In the Email Addresses field, enter the email addresses of the students you would like to add to the pathway [1]. To add multiple students, insert a comma or line break between the email addresses.

When you have entered all the email addresses, click the Next button [2].

Note: Pathways currently supports adding up to 5,000 users at one time.

View Search Results

Pathways will search for existing users. If the user already has a Portfolium Network account, their name and email address will display in the list of students [1].

If the user does not have a Portfolium Network account, the email address will display a New label [2] and the Name column will include a link to add the user's name. To add the user's name, click the Click to add name link [3].

To remove a user from the enrollment list, click the Delete icon [4].

Add New User

To add a name for the user, type in the First Name and Last Name text fields [1]. To save the user's information, click the Done button [2].

Add Students

To send the user's an enrollment email, select the Send enrollment email checkbox [1].

When you have finalized the enrollment information, click the Add Students button [2].

View Confirmation

Pathways will display a success message and you will receive an email once the students have been added to the pathway.

To return to the pathway details page, click the Done button.