How do I configure an Assessment Scores mapping for my institution?

As a Elevate K-12 Analytics admin, you can configure custom assessment score mappings for assessments in your account. Assessment score mappings allow you to define score ranges that indicate student achievement and growth. 

To create an assessment score performance level, you must first define the mapping. Once the mapping is defined, you can configure the mapping for all the defined assessment data. Additionally, because institutional goals change and evolve over time, and because success varies by grade level, you can create mappings specific to school year and grade level. You can also copy a custom assessment mapping to additional school years and grade levels.

Open Administration Page

Open Administration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open KPIs

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the KPIs link.

Open Assessment Scores

In the Manage KPIs menu, click the Assessment Scores link [1].

Note: On the Manage KPIs Overview page you can click the Assessment Scores link [2].

Open Assessment Score Mapping Details

To view details for an existing mapping, click the mapping's Edit icon.

View Mappings

From the Assessment Score page, you can view mappings created for the assessment score in the Mappings section. By default, the mapping for all school years and grade levels displays [1].

To copy the mapping to additional definition options, click the Copy to... button [2].

To edit the mapping, click the Edit mapping button [3].

Edit Combination Options

To configure a specific school year option for the mapping definition, click the School Year Edit button [1].

To configure a specific grade level option for the mapping definition, click the Grade Level Edit button [2].

Add Combination Option

Add Combination Option

Click the Add button.

Select Option

Select Option

Select an option in the option drop-down menu [1].

Then click the Add button [2].

Save Option

Save Option

Edit Mapping

To edit the mapping, click the Edit mapping button.

Define Numeric Mappings

By default, the Numeric Mappings tab displays [1]. To configure a numeric mapping, click the Define mapping for numeric score values checkbox [2].

You can view the numeric score value mapping options [3] and score ranges [4].

View Numeric Score Value Mapping Options

View Numeric Score Value Mapping Options

You can manage score value mapping options in the Numeric Score Value Mapping section.

The goal direction specifies whether low or high assessment score values indicate goal achievement. Typically, assessments use a low-to-high achievement scale, and the Standard option is selected by default [1]. However, if a low score is preferred above a high score, you can select the Inverse option [2].

The comparison basis determines values included in your score range comparisons. Typically, assessment score ranges include values up-to and including a specified value, and the Inclusive (includes the value) option is selected [3]. However, if a score range should not include the specified value, you can select the Exclusive (less than the value) option [4].

To configure your alphanumeric scores in your score ranges, click the Configure button [5].

Configure Non-Numeric Scores

Configure Non-Numeric Scores

Configure any non-numeric assessment scores in the Parse non-numeric scores page.

Enter the regular expression value, usually \d+, in the Capture number (regex) field [1]. For additional information about using regular expressions to parse assessment scores, hover over the Information icon [2]. Elevate K-12 Analytics uses the expression to search and replace any non-numeric scores with numeric values.

If your alphanumeric assessment score values indicate negative scores, click the Negate number (regex) checkbox [3], then enter the alphabetic value in the text field [4]. Click the Show Results button [5].

To apply the expression(s) to your assessment scores, click the Apply button [6].

Configure Assessment Score Ranges

Configure Assessment Score Ranges

The Score Ranges section displays your performance level configurations [1]. For each performance level, you can specify a performance range value [2]. You can also view the score results associated with the performance level and range [3].

Save Mapping

Save Mapping

Click the Save mapping button.

View Assessment Score Mapping

From your Visuals page, you can access Assessment Performance Levels and view your assessment score performance level configurations.

Copy Mapping Configuration to Options

If you have created combination options, you can copy mapping configurations to additional options. Click the Copy to... button.