How do I create Assessment Performance Level mappings for my institution?

Your institution's assessment platforms can be integrated with your Elevate K-12 Analytics account. Once integrated, you can map performance level indicators by color and sequence. Mapped performance level indicators display when viewing assessment result metrics in Elevate K-12 Analytics.  

Open Administration Page

Open Administration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open KPIs

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the KPIs link.

Open Assessment Performance Levels

In the Manage KPIs menu, click the Assessment Performance Levels link [1].

Note: On the Manage KPIs Overview page you can click the Assessment Performance Levels link [2].

Open Assessment Mapping Details

To view details about performance level mappings for an assessment vendor, locate the vendor in the chart and click the Edit button.

Add Mapping

In the Mappings section, click the Add Mapping button.

Enter Mapping Details

By default, mappings are not prioritized. To specify a priority for your mapping, enter a number in the Priority field [1].

To specify the mapping's performance levels, click the Match By drop-down menu [2]. Then select a text match option. Match By options include Exact, Starts with, and Ends with.

Enter the performance level text in the Text field [3]. Depending upon your match selection and text entry, your mapping may include one performance level  or multiple levels.

Specify a ranking for the mapping in the Rank drop-down menu [4].

Select Color Mapping

Select Colors

In the color window, you can select a color from a palette, a spectrum, or enter the Hex number or RGB (red, green, blue) values of a color.

To select a color from the color palette, click a color icon [1].

To select a from a color spectrum or to enter the HEX number or RGB values of a color, click the Gradient View button [2].

Open Gradient View

Open Gradient View

To select a color from the gradient, select an area of the color spectrum [1]. Then click a spectrum color [2].

To enter a HEX number, enter the number in the HEX field [3].

Note: If you do not enter the # symbol in the HEX field, it is added automatically.

Enter RGB Values

To enter RGB values for a color, click the Change Color Format icon [1]. Then enter R, G, and B values [2].

Save Mapping

To save your mapping, click the Save button [9].

View Mapping

View the mapping in the Mappings section [1] and in the Performance Levels section [2].