How do I create a Matrix Key Performance Indicator for my institution?

In Elevate K-12 Analytics, you can create Matrix Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that compare two of your Metric KPIs. After selecting two metric KPIs for comparison, you can define segments and configure a calculation matrix based upon the two metrics.

Note: You must create Metric KPIs before you can create a Matrix KPI.

Open Administration Page

Open Administration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open KPIs

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the KPIs link.

Open Matrix KPIs

In the Manage KPIs menu, click the Matrix KPIs link [1].

Note: On the Manage KPIs Overview page you can click the Matrix KPIs link [2].

Add New Matrix KPI

Add New Matrix KPI

Click the Add KPI button.

Select Source Metrics

In the General section, click the Horizontal Metric KPI drop-down menu [1]. Then select a metric from the displayed list.

Then click the Vertical Metric KPI drop-down menu and select a metric [2].

Enter a name for the metric in the Name field [3].

You can also enter a description for the KPI in the Description field [4]. For example, to better understand how school discipline counts impact daily attendance rates, select the Student Discipline Incident Count and Daily Attendance Rate metrics.

Configure KPI

By default, a new Metric KPI is configured to display two data ranges, or segments. Segments indicate the number of numeric ranges you wish to identify and view in a Matrix KPI.

To add segments to your KPI configuration, click the Segment drop-down menu [1]. You can select up to five segments.

Enter a label name for each segment in the Display label fields [2].

To select a different color for the segment label, click the Color icon [3].

For example, to compare school discipline to daily attendance rates, you could select and label three segments: No Intervention, Approaching Intervention, Assessment Required.

Select Color Label

Select Colors

In the color window, you can select a color from a palette, a spectrum, or enter the Hex number or RGB (red, green, blue) values of a color.

To select a color from the color palette, click a color icon [1].

To select a from a color spectrum or to enter the HEX number or RGB values of a color, click the Gradient View button [2].

Open Gradient View

Open Gradient View

To select a color from the gradient, select an area of the color spectrum [1]. Then click a spectrum color [2].

To enter a HEX number, enter the number in the HEX field [3].

Note: If you do not enter the # symbol in the HEX field, it is added automatically.

Enter RGB Values

To enter RGB values for a color, click the Change Color Format icon [1]. Then enter R, G, and B values [2].

View Matrix Table

The matrix table displays your selected metrics.

View your horizontal metric in the chart header [1] and its corresponding measures in the column headers [2].

View your vertical metric in the chart header [3], and its corresponding measures in the row headers [4].

Configure Matrix

Configure Matrix

For each metric measure comparison, click the matrix field drop-down menu [1]. Select a segment label and color [2].

For example, high daily attencance compared to low (or excellent) student discipline counts do not need assessment, while below standard daily attendance compared to at risk discipline counts need assessment.

Save KPI

Click the Save changes button.

View New Matrix KPI

View your KPI in the Matrix KPI list.