How do I configure letter grade ranking scales for my institution's school categories in Admin Settings?

In Elevate K-12 Analytics Admin Settings, the Letter Grade Ranking Scale setting allows you to specify a numeric value for each letter grade used in your Student Information System (SIS). Generally, grade scales that use A-F letter grades are ranked on a scale from zero to five (0-5), where zero is low and five is high. Supplemental letter grades (e.g. P, NP, W, etc.) are assigned a rank within the same zero to five scale.

Letter grade rankings must be set for each school category in your institution. This allows you to manage grade proficiency rank and grade passing rank scores to accurately reflect grade proficiency and passing ranks from one school category to the next.

Open Administration Page

Open Administration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Settings

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the Settings link.

Open Letter Grade Ranking Scale

Letter Grade Ranking Scale

The Settings menu displays the Academics settings options [1].

Click the Academic Record link [2]. Then click the Letter Grade Ranking Scale link [3].

View Letter Grade Ranking Scale Setting

The Letter Grade Ranking Scale setting allows you to assign a score value to each letter grade used by each school category in your institution.

School categories display in the Category column [1], and the category's associated grades display in the Letter Grade Ranking Scale column [2]. You must set letter grade ranks for each school category at your institution.

To find an category in the list, you can search by name or view only unmapped categories [3]. Learn more about viewing and managing settings.

Filter by School Category

To set the grade ranking scale for a school category, first view only related school categories. Click the School Category Filter icon [1]. Select a school category checkbox [2]. Then, click the Filter button [3].

Note: You must set letter grade ranks for each school category at your institution.

View Letter Grade Ranks

The letter grade list displays all letter grades used in your SIS for the selected school category [1]. For each letter grade, you can select an associated numeric rank value [2].

For example, if your institution uses a traditional A-F letter grade scale, where an A indicates mastery and an F indicates failure, you could assign the following scores to each letter grade:

Grade Score
A+ 5
A 5
A- 5
B+ 4
B 4
B- 4
C+ 3
C 3
C- 3
D+ 2
D 2
D- 2
F 1
[no score]

Elevate K-12 Analytics then converts synced SIS data to display students' earned letter grades as a numeric score. This numeric letter grade score is used to convey grade proficiency and passing rates.

Set Letter Grade Ranks

Set Letter Grade Ranks

For each letter grade, enter a number in the Letter Grade Rank field [1]. Alternatively, you can increase or decrease the displayed score using the score Up/Down buttons [2].

Note: The number field only supports whole numbers. Decimals and fractions are not supported.

Set Multiple Letter Grade Rankings

To set multiple letter grade rankings at once, click the school checkboxes [1]. Then, click the Assign selected items to drop-down menu, and select a value [2]. Learn more about managing multiple options.

Set Dependent Settings

After setting your letter grade rankings for each school category, you can set grade passing and proficiency rankings.