How do I view and manage data areas for my institution's Elevate K-12 Analytics account?

You can view the data areas available in your account from the  Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page. You can also manage the visibility of data sets from the Data Areas page.

Open Administration Page

Open Administration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Data Areas

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the Data Areas link.

View Data Areas

The Manage Data Areas page displays data areas [1] and their data sets [2]. You can also view the number of items in each data set [3].


  • The items in each data set set are determined by the data from your data sources. You can view data source details in Data Sources.
  • Some data areas may be unavailable due to your license agreement. For questions about your license, contact your customer success manager.

Manage Data Areas

Manage Data Areas

You can manage which data users can view in Elevate K-12 Analytics.

To turn on a data set for user to view, locate the data set and click the toggle On [1]. Visible data sets display a Visible icon [2].

To turn off a data set to restrict users from viewing the data set, locate the data set and click the toggle Off [3]. Data sets that are not visible display a Not Visible icon [4].