How do I edit a growth report?

As a district admin, you can edit, archive, or delete a growth report. When you edit a growth report, the report automatically updates to reflect your changes. You can archive growth reports. You can also delete or unarchive reports.

Learn more about creating growth reports and growth projection reports.


  • Only Mastery Connect accounts with SIS integrations can generate growth reports.
  • Growth reports are a District Administrator-level feature.

Open Admin

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Growth Reports

Open Overview Report

Hover over the Reporting tab [1] and select the Growth Reports option [2].

View Growth Reports List

The Growth Reports page displays a list of existing growth reports and the dates they were generated [1].

You can search for a specific growth report using the Search field [2]. You can also filter the list using the Filter By drop-down menu [3]. The list can be filtered to display active or archived reports.

Archive Growth Report

To archive a growth report, click the Archive icon.

View Archived Reports

To view a list of archived reports, click the Filter By drop-down menu [1], then select the Archived option [2].

Delete or Unarchive Growth Report

To unarchive a report, click the Unarchive icon [1].

To delete an archived report, click the Delete icon [2].

Edit Growth Report

To edit a growth report, locate the report and click the Edit icon.

Edit Report Properties

Edit Report Properties

In the Edit Growth Report window, locate the portion of the report you want to edit and click the Change link [1].

The selected portion expands, and you can edit as needed [2].

When finished, click the Save Changes button [3].

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