How do I create custom reports?

As a Mastery Connect district or school administrator, you can create custom reports that provide a comparative analysis of benchmark and formative assessments.

When viewing a custom report, you can filter the reports by various demographic groups, teachers, students, standards, etc. You can display the mastery percentages for an assessment or use custom cut scores. Learn more about viewing a custom report.

Note: To create custom reports, you must have one of the following Mastery Connect user roles: District Administrator or School Administrator. Learn more about roles and permissions.

Open Admin

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Custom Reports

Open Custom Reports

Hover over the Reporting tab [1] and select the Custom Reports option [2].

View Custom Reports Page

On the Custom Reports page, click the Add Report button.

Enter Title and Description

Enter Title and Description

Enter a title for the report in the Title field [1], and a description of the report in the Description field [2].

Then click the Create Report button [3].

Open Custom Reports

Open Custom Reports

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1]. Hover over the Reporting tab [2], and select the Custom Reports option [3].

Open Report

In the Custom Reports page, click the name of the custom report.

Open Assessments

To generate a custom report, you must add assessments to your report. On the report page, click the Add Assessment button.

Select Assessment Type

Select Assessment Type

In the Add Assessment window, select an assessment type to use in the report.

To include benchmark assessment results, click the Benchmark Assessment button [1]

To include formative assessment results, click the Formative Assessment button [2].

Add Assessments

In the Assessment window, you can search for a specific assessment [1], or filter the displayed list by creator, status, and subject [2].

Locate an assessment in the Assessments list and click the Add to Report button [3].

You can add multiple assessments to the report in the Assessment window. Learn more about finding an assessment for custom reports.

Note: You cannot add draft assessments to a custom report.

View Confirmation Indicators

When an assessment adds successfully, a Success notification briefly displays [1].

Added assessments display a badge indicating the number of times they are included in the report [2].

Close Window

Close Window

When you finish adding assessments, click the Close link.

View Report

View the report data on the report page.

For each assessment, you can view the cut score data [1] and the number of students who took the assessment [2]. You can also view assessment data in the Report Data list [3].

You can also print, clone, or edit the report [4]. Learn more about viewing and managing custom reports.