How do I view additional student report details?

While viewing an individual student report, you can view additional report details in the Student Report Details window. You can view graphs depicting a student's current standard mastery and their mastery changes over time.

You can also view and add notes about students or add notes to parents.

If a student has imported scores or progress reports, you can view those as well.

Open Report Details

From the Mastery Summary section of an individual student report, click the View Reports button.

View Current Progress

View Current Progress

By default, the details window opens to the Reports tab [1] and the Current Progress sub-tab [2].

View the percentages of standards mastery out of all the standards in the tracker in the All Standards graph [3].

View the percentage of standards mastery out of standards that currently have scores in the Standards With Scores graph [4].

View Progress Timeline

To view the student's mastery progress over time, click the Progress Timeline sub-tab.

View the mastery of standards over time out of all the standards in the tracker.

View Imported Scores

View Imported Scores

To view any imported assessment scores, click the Imported Scores tab.

Note: Imported scores will only display here if your school has a SIS integration connected to Mastery Connect.