How do I reopen a progress report?

After a term has ended and you have generated a progress report, the reporting period is closed. Teachers cannot add comments for the students in their classes when the reporting period is closed. However, you can reopen the progress report to allow teachers to add new comments or edit existing ones.

Open Progress Reports

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin link [1]. Then click the Progress Reports link [2].

Reopen Progress Report

Reopen Progress Report

Find the progress report and term for the comment window you'd like to reopen. Then click the Reopen link.

Send Notification Email

Send Report Notification Email

To notify teachers by email that they are once again allowed to add new comments or edit existing ones, in the Make Report Available for Data Entry window, enter an optional message in the message field [1]. Then click the Send button [2].

Regenerate Progress Report and Close Term

After teachers have added or edited comments, you must generate the report again. On the Created Progress Reports page, locate the progress report and term. Click the Generate drop-down menu [1], then select the Generate Full Report and Close Term option [2]. Learn more about generating progress reports.