How do I create a growth report using benchmark assessment data as an admin?

As a district admin, you can view student academic achievement over the course of a school year by creating a growth report. Growth reports compare one benchmark assessment score with a second. You can select any two benchmark assessments from which to measure growth. You can also specify a growth goal. The growth goal is the percentage of improvement you expect to see from the first to the second benchmark and is applied using a sliding scale.

Growth reports automatically compare the first and second benchmark scores, and Mastery Connect calculates whether individual students met the growth goal. Before students take the second assessment, you can also generate growth projection reports. Learn more about growth reports and calculations.


  • In a growth report, the calculated percentage for students that met growth only includes data for students who have completed both benchmarks.
  • Only Mastery Connect accounts with SIS integrations can generate growth reports.
  • Growth reports are a District Administrator-level feature.
  • You can only generate a growth report for current-year benchmarks that are private to your district, marked as unavailable, and in a current-year tracker.

Open Admin

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Growth Reports

Open Overview Report

Hover over the Reporting tab [1] and select the Growth Reports option [2].

Add Growth Report

Click the Add Report button.

Add Report Title and Description

Add Report Title and Description

Enter a report title in the Title field [1].

Enter a report description in the Description field [2].

Then, click the Next button [3].

Add Growth Goal

Add Growth Goal

Type or use the up and down arrows to enter a number in the Growth Goal box [1].

Growth goals identify the desired increase in students' scores from one assessment result to the next. Growth goals are stated as a percentage and can only be entered as whole numbers. Learn more about growth report calculations.

Click the Next button [2].

Add Benchmarks

Add First Benchmark

To select the first benchmark assessment, click the Add First Benchmark link [1]. Growth reports compare results from the first benchmark against the results from the second benchmark.

Select First Benchmark

Selelct Benchmark

View a list of available benchmarks in the Benchmarks list [1]. The Benchmark list displays the name, class, and subject for each listed benchmark. For a benchmark to display in the growth report Benchmark list, it must meet the following criteria:

  • It is an account-level benchmark assessment.
  • It is added in a current-year tracker.
  • It contains scores for at least one student.
  • It is currently marked as Unavailable in the Benchmark Assessment list.

To search for a benchmark, enter a benchmark title in the Search field [2].

To select a benchmark in the list, click the assessment radio button [3].

Then click the Add Second Benchmark link [4].

Note: Instead of selecting a second benchmark and creating a growth report, you can generate a growth projection report.

Select Second Benchmark

Select Second Benchmark

View the benchmark selected as First Benchmark [1].

To select the second benchmark, locate the benchmark in the list, and click the assessment radio button [2].

Verify Report Details

Verify Report Details

Before running the report, review your report details.

To change information in any of the report creation steps, click the Change link [1] or the Previous button [2].

Create Growth Report

Create Growth Report

Click the Create Report button. 

View Growth Report

View Growth Report

The growth report displays information about student growth.

The growth goal displays as the Expected Growth percentage [1].

The percent of students that achieved the growth goal displays as the Achieved Growth Goal percentage [2]. You can also view the number of students who met the goal out of the number of students who took the assessment [3]. Learn more about growth report calculations.

The average percent of growth achieved from the first to the second benchmark displays as the Average Growth percentage [4].

The assessments, grade levels, and subjects display in the Report Data table [5].

To export the report as a CSV file and to view individual student data, click the Export link [6].

Note: The calculated percentage of students that achieved the growth goal calculates only for students who have completed both benchmarks.