How do I view and manage custom reports?

You can view, print, clone, and archive custom reports that you create. You can also edit a custom report to change the assessment data displayed.

Learn more about creating custom reports.

Note: To view and manage custom reports, you must have a district-level or school-level administrator role. Learn more about roles and permissions.

Open Admin

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Custom Reports

Open Custom Reports

Hover over the Reporting tab [1] and select the Custom Reports option [2].

View Custom Reports

The Custom Reports page displays your active custom reports.

To more easily locate a custom report, enter a report name or description in the Search Custom Reports field [1].

By default, the Custom Reports page displays all active reports. To view inactive custom reports, click the Filter By field [2], then select the Archived [3] option.

For each report listed, you can view its name [4] and the date it was created [5]. To view a report, click the report name link [6].

To edit a report's name or description, click the Edit icon [7].

To archive a report, click the Archive icon [8].

To create a custom report, click the Add Report button [9]. Learn more about creating a custom report.

Print, Clone, or Edit Custom Report

To print the report, click the Print link [1].

To create a copy of the report, click the Clone link [2].

To edit the report title or description, click the Edit link [3].

View Custom Report

A custom report displays data for each assessment in the report. You can view the cut score results [1] and the number of students who took the assessment [2].

You can also view details about each assessment in the report. You can view the assessment name [3], its core standards, subject, class, and associated standards [4], and its creator [5].

To add an assessment to the report, click the Add Assessment button [6]. Learn more about adding assessments to a custom report.

To view other reports, click the Reports drop-down menu [7], then select a different report.

Edit Custom Report Assessment Data

You can edit the assessment data displayed in the report. To edit the assessment data displayed, click the assessment's Edit icon.

Change Assessment Data

Edit Assessment Data

To edit the assessment title or description, click the Title & Description Change link [1].

To change the selected cut score, click the Cut Scores Change link [2].

To apply filters to limit the assessment data, click the Filters Change link [3].

To save changes, click the Save Changes button [4].

Edit Assessment Cut Scores

Edit Assessment Cut Scores

By default, cut scores display by Mastery Levels. However, you can display scores by custom cut scores instead by clicking the Display Data By drop-down menu [1]. Then select the Custom Cut Scores option [2].

Edit Custom Cut Scores

Edit Custom Cut Scores

Mastery Connect sets default cut score levels. To edit a cut score name or range, type in the Range or Name fields [1].

To customize a cut score range color, click the Color Menu icon [2].

To remove a level, click the level's Remove link [3].

To add a level, click the Add Label link [4], and a range and label for the new level.


  • Level ranges must display in order, with the lowest range at the bottom.
  • Custom cut scores display in your report, but they do not change scores in a tracker. Use custom scores to view proficiency levels for filtered student groups.

Add Filters

Add Filters

By default, the report includes all assessment schools, teachers, trackers, students and standards. To limit the values for any of these categories, select one or more values from the drop-down menus [1].

By default, the report includes substandards, but not archived classrooms, archived students, or No Score data. To include any of these, click the checkboxes in the Other section [2].

By default, the report includes all applicable school years. To include or exclude certain years, click the checkboxes in the School Years section [3].

By default, the report includes students of all demographics. To limit the student list to those with certain demographics, click the checkboxes in the Gender and Race sections [4].

By default, the report includes students in all groups and ethnicities. To limit the report to students in certain groups, click the IEP, FRL, ELL, or Hispanic or Latino checkboxes in the Group section [5].

Remove Assessment from Custom Report

To remove an assessment from the report, click the assessment's Delete icon.

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