How do I create a progress report?

A progress report is a set of PDF files containing standards-based, end-of-term data for each student. You can customize the report by entering a report title, an optional footer, and specifying whether the reports are by school or by grade. You can specify up to four academic terms for which to capture progress report data.

After creating a progress report, you can generate the progress report for terms that are closed. If a term is not yet closed, you can generate a sample progress report.

Note: To create progress reports, you must have one of the following Mastery Connect user roles: District Administrator, Limited District Admin, School Administrator, or Limited School Admin. Learn more about roles and permissions.

Open Progress Reports

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin link [1]. Then click the Progress Reports link [2].

Add Report

To create a new progress report, click the Add Report button.

View Create Progress Report Page

In the Create Progress Report page, you can customize the report appearance and organization [1], enter term dates for the reports [2], and select which schools to include in the report [3].

Add Report Details

Add Report Details

Enter a title for the report in the Title field [1].          

By default, the reports are sorted alphabetically by school and there is a PDF file for each school. However, you can sort reports asby grade level and have a PDF file for each grade. To sort by grade, click the Organize Reports by Grade level checkbox [2].           

You can include a summary page in your report or generate only a summary page. Click the Summary Page drop-down menu [3]. Then select one of the following options:

  • Progress Reports without Summary Page: No summary page is included.
  • Progress Reports with Summary Page: A summary page is included.
  • Progress Report Summary Page only: Only a summary page is included.

Click the checkboxes next to the following data options [4]:

  • Report on power standards only: report shows only power standardss
  • Hide unassessed standards from report: report shows only assessed standards
  • Show reworded standards description: report uses any reworded standards descriptions
  • Hide units and only show unique standards: report hides unit level data and shows no duplicated standards
  • Include data from archived students:  report includes data for archived students

Enter Term Information

Enter Term Information

Terms are labeled with the Term Label letter followed by the number 1,2,3, or 4. To provide a label for naming your academic terms, enter a single letter in the Term Labels field [1]. For example, if you enter "Q" for Quarter, term names will be Q1, Q2, etc. [2].

The progress report captures assessment data between the term dates you specify. To specify a range of dates for the first term, click and select a date in the Begins field [3]. Then click and select a date in the Ends field [4].

Add Additional Terms

Add Additional Terms

You may add additional terms that follow one another sequentially as needed. You can add up to four terms. To add another term, click the Add Term link [1]. The new term automatically begins where the first term ended [2]. Select a date for the end of the term in the Ends field [3].

To remove a term, click the Remove Term link [4].

Select Schools

Select Schools

District Administrators can create progress reports for any schools in their district. By default, all schools are selected. To select specific schools, click the All Schools checkbox [1], and click the arrow [2]. Then, select one or more school name checkboxes [3].

Create Report

After you have entered at least a title and at least one term range, click the Create Progress Report button.

If you create a progress report during an open term, teachers receive email notifications reminding them to provide comments for progress reports until the term ends. Learn about entering progress report data.

View Created Report

The Created Progress Reports page displays information about the created report. You can view the summary page option that was selected [1], the creator of the report [2], and the number of terms and schools covered [3].

To edit the progress report, create a clone, or archive a report no longer needed, use the Edit, Clone, and Archive links [4].

For each term, you can view term status [5]. You can also access options for generating reports [6]. If a term has ended, you can pull data and close a term by generating the progress report. If the term has not ended, you can generate a sample progress report.

Note: You can archive reports when they are no longer needed.