How do I create a growth projection report for benchmark assessments as an admin?

As a District Administrator, you can generate a growth projection report. Growth projection reports calculate the scores that individual students need on a second benchmark assessment to meet a growth goal.

Before you can generate a growth projection report, students must have already taken the first of two benchmarks. Once generated, you can export and view the data as a CSV file. After students take the second assessment, you can also generate growth reports to assess how successfully students met a growth goal. Learn more about growth reports and calculations.


  • Only Mastery Connect accounts with SIS integrations can generate growth reports.
  • Growth reports are a District Administrator-level feature.
  • You can only generate a growth report for current-year benchmarks that are private to your district, marked as unavailable, and in a current-year tracker.

Open Admin

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Growth Reports

Open Overview Report

Hover over the Reporting tab [1] and select the Growth Reports option [2].

Add Report

Click the Add Report button.

Add Report Title and Description

Add Report Title and Description

Enter a report title in the Title field [1].

Enter a report description in the Description field [2].

Then, click the Next button [3].

Add Growth Goal

Add Growth Goal

Type or use the up and down arrows to enter a number in the Growth Goal box [1].

Growth goals identify the desired increase in students' scores from one assessment result to the next. Growth goals are stated as a percentage and can only be entered as whole numbers. Learn more about growth report calculations.

Click the Next button [2].

Add First Benchmark

Add First Benchmark

To select the first benchmark assessment, click the Add First Benchmark link. Growth projection reports calculate the score a student needs to earn on the second assessment to achieve the growth goal.

Select Benchmark

Selelct Benchmark

View a list of available benchmarks in the Benchmarks list [1]. The Benchmark list displays the name, class, and subject for each listed benchmark. For a benchmark to display in the growth report Benchmark list, it must meet the following criteria:

  • It is an account-level benchmark assessment.
  • It is added in a current-year tracker.
  • It contains scores for at least one student.
  • It is currently marked as Unavailable in the Benchmark Assessment list.

To search for a benchmark, enter a benchmark title in the Search field [2].

To select a benchmark in the list, click the assessment radio button [3].

Create Growth Projection Report

Create Growth Projection Report

By default, after you select the first benchmark, the Growth Projection Report label displays [1]. You can also view more information about a growth projection report by hovering over the Information icon [3].

Click the Create Growth Projection Report button [3].

View Report

View Report

The growth projection report displays report details.

The growth goal displays as the Expected Growth Percentage [1]. Learn more about growth report calculations.

The number of students whose data is used in the projection calculation displays below the percentage [2].  

To export the report as a CSV and view growth score projections for individual students, click the Export button [3] or the Export link [4].

The selected assessment, grade level, and subject display in the Report Data table [5].

Note: To add a second assessment and create a growth report, click the Add one now link [6].

View Exported Report

The exported report displays student names [1]. You can also sort the data by school, teacher, or classroom [2].

For each student, view their score on the first benchmark [3] and their calculated targeted growth score for the second benchmark [4].

Learn more about growth projection report calculations.