How do I view an individual student report in a tracker?

You can view individual Student Reports that show how a student is currently performing in your tracker. You can also view student reports from a previous year and view their past proficiency levels.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers tab [1] and then click a tracker name [2].

Open Student View

To open the student view, click the Students tab.

Locate Student

Locate Student

In the tracker student list, click a student's name.

View Student Report

The Student Report is an overall summary of a student's performance in a tracker. The Student Report page displays a list of the standards in a tracker, which includes a short description of each standard [1]. 

The Student Report page also contains a Mastery Summary section [2], and a list of tools you can use to interact with the Student Report [3]. You can use the navigation buttons to navigate to other trackers or to view reports for other students [4]. Learn more about the the Student Report.