How do I export a tracker as a CSV or XLSX file?

You can export a tracker as a CSV or XLSX file from the tracker reporting options. In addition to selecting the export file type, when you export a tracker you can select which information to include in the export, including the standards, assessments, benchmarks, and score display.

Note: If you plan to print your tracker, it is recommended that you export it as an XLSX file.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Trackers link [1]. In the Trackers page, click a tracker name link [2].

Open Reporting Options

Click the tracker More Options icon [1], and click the Reporting link [2].

Open Export Tracker

Open Export Tracker

Click the Export Tracker link.

View Export Tracker Options

In the Export Options window, you can customize the data that will be included in the export file.

Select Exported Standards

Select Exported Standards

By default, all units and standards are selected for your tracker export. However, you can modify and manage the standards to include in your export.

To exclude a unit, including all standards within that unit, click the checkbox next to the unit name [1]. To include a unit that is deselected, re-click the checkbox next to the unit name [2].

To view standards within a unit, click the unit Expand icon [3]. To exclude a standard from the export, click the checkbox next to the standard [4]. To include a standard that is deselected, re-click the checkbox next to the standard name [5].

Select Display Options

Select Display Optoins

In the Display Options section, you can customize the tracker columns for the export.

By default, all standards are included in an export. To export a tracker that only includes data for assessed standards, click the Only Include Assessed Standards checkbox to select it [1].

By default, exports include data for all benchmark and multi-standard assessments. To export a tracker that excludes benchmark columns, click the Include Benchmarks checkbox to deselect it [2]. To export a tracker that does not include multi-standard assessments, click the Include Multi-Standard Assessments checkbox to deselect it [3].

Select Displayed Student Information

Select Displayed Student Information

In the Student Information section, you can specify the student data displayed in the tracker export.

By default, the tracker includes both student names and student IDs [1]. However, you can export a tracker that only displays student names [2] or student IDs [3].

Click a circle button to select the Student Information option you prefer for your export. 

Select Mastery Percentages

Select Mastery Percentages

In the Mastery Percentages section, you can select the mastery scores that display in the exported tracker.

By default, exported trackers display students' mastery percentage scores [1].

To export a tracker that also includes students' proficiency scores, click the Include Overall Proficiency Score checkbox [2].

Select Mastery Labels Display

Select Mastery Labels Display

In the Mastery Labels section, you can select how the exported tracker indicates student mastery. By default, exported trackers display mastery labels with the full mastery level name [1]. However, you can select the export to include abbreviated mastery labels [2], proficiency scores [3], or color indicators only [4].

Select File Type

Select File Type

To select the exported file type, click the Export File Type drop-down menu. You can select to export a CSV file or an XLSX file.

Note: To print a tracker, it's recommended to export the tracker as an XLSX file.

Export Spreadsheet

Click the Export Spreadsheet button.

View Exported Tracker

View your exported tracker.