How do I email a parent about an individual student report?

While viewing an individual student report, you can email a student report link to the student's parents. The parent email message contains an optional custom message by you, a default message, and a link to view the individual student report online in the parent portal.

Note: Parents must have a valid email address entered in their Mastery Connect profile in order to receive email messages from a teacher. Learn how to add parent emails.

Open Email Window

Open a student report. From the Mastery Summary section of the individual student report, click the Email Parents button.

Send Email Message

The email template displays a list of all parent emails for this student [1]. You can manage the recipient list using the email checkboxes [2].

You can also preview the email content [3]. You can add additional text in the Additional Message field [4].

When you are ready to send the email, click the Send button [5].


  • If the student has no parent emails, this window contains the message, "No Parent Emails Available." Learn how to add parent emails.
  • Parents will access the report in the online parent portal by clicking the View Report button in the email [3].

View Parent Email

View Parent Email

The parent email contains a link to the student report.