How do I view benchmark assessment reports for previous school years as an admin?

As a Mastery Connect administrator, you can use report filters to view benchmark assessment results for previous school years.

Open Benchmarks

Open Benchmarks

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1]. Then, hover the cursor over the Assessments tab [2], and select the Benchmarks link [3].

Open Reports

Locate the benchmark in the Assessments list using the search and filter options [1]. To view additional search filters, click the Expand icon [2].

If reports are available for a benchmark, the reports icon displays. To view reports for the benchmark, click the Reports icon [3].

Alternatively, to view reports click the More Options icon [4], then click the View Reports option [5].

To view the Assessments list in grid view, click the Grid View icon [1]. When the Assessments list displays in Grid View, the More Options icon and View Reports icon display at the bottom of the assessment tile [2].

Filter Results

In the Results tab of the Assessment Manager, click the Filter icon.

Filter School Year

Filter School Year and Data

Click the School Year drop-down menu [1] and select a school year.

Click the Include Archived Data checkbox [2].

Then, click the Apply button [3].

You can learn more about viewing benchmark reports in the Assessment Manager.