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Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.9)

Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.9)

In Canvas Student 6.9, graded assignments display assignment score statistics, if enabled in the course. Additionally, submissions with annotations are indicated in the submission.

As of 2020-09-28, students can use the app to generate a QR code to link to an observer.

Canvas iOS app version updates are distributed in a phased rollout, which distributes the update to all users enrolled in automatic updates over time. The features in these notes may not immediately be available, but iOS users can manually update the app at any time in the iTunes Store. The Canvas Student iOS App requires iOS 13.0 or later.

Release Notes Change Log


Updated Features



Score Statistics

If score statistics are visible in a course, students can view score statistics below their grade in the Assignment Details page. This change allows students to view score statistics in the app as well as the browser view.

Score Statistics in the Assignment Details PageScore Statistics in the Assignment Details Page

Annotation Comments

When a submission includes annotation comments, an icon displays in the submission. This change notifies students that a comment has been made within an annotation. Students can tap the icon to view the associated comments, then tap the Comments button. 

Comments in AnnotationsComments in Annotations



QR Code Observer Pairing

In the Settings page, students can open the Pair with Observer link and create a pairing code for an observer. When the code is scanned, a parent can link to the student's account in the Canvas Parent App (version 3.3) and create an account if needed. This pairing must be done from the Student app to the Parent app. This code is only valid for 10 minutes, after which a new code must be created.

Pair with Observer LinkPair with Observer Link





Release Notes Change Log




Added—Updated Features

  • Users: QR Code Observer Pairing
2020-09-15 Release Notes Published




Since updating to version 6.9.2 any images that my son’s teacher had loaded in the Canvas courses that’s he had for his kindergarten program are no longer visible. All that he can now see is the image file name and a box where the image is supposed to be. This occurs in both the iPadOS version and the iOS version of 6.9.2.  This makes the course very difficult to navigate as those images were on all of the pages for use in navigation. 

These images are all still visible in the Canvas Parent app and in the Canvas web version. They’re only gone in iOS since the app update  

I have already tried logging out/in, clearing the cache, reinstalling the app, deleting his token and then following those steps again,  hard restarts of the iPad, etc., with no success. I’ve put in a canvas help request and local request but haven’t heard back yet since yesterday. 

Is this a known issue or is there any other potential solution to get these images to show again? 

Thank you. 

Hi @apd508 

This looks like a behavior with the image rendering. Would you please go into the Help menu in the iPad and report a problem? That way our engineers will be able to triage what is going on.

Thank you!


Hi @erinhallmark 

I did report the problem back on Sep. 24, and I sent several updates but I hadn’t heard back. I also reported it through our local help desk. The images also will not load within the assignment modules either. I’ve sent in to both screenshots of all of that. Prior to the 6.9.2 update all of the images were viewable and now they are just the file names and the boxes of where they should be. I don’t know if I mentioned before that I also downloaded the Canvas Student version on iPhone and it displays the same error with images not loading properly. The iPhone version is also 6.9.2. I do think it is something to do with the iOS update for Canvas Student because they still work fine in the Canvas Parent App, and on the web.

Just hoping to find a solution because it makes it harder for our son, without assistance, to navigate to assignments, schedule with links to class virtual meetings, and some assignments with images are unable to be viewed at all properly. With the images he was just about able to navigate through on his own. 

Today I have gotten two different students reporting course Modules will not load after upgrading to Canvas Student 6.9.2 on iOS 14.  They receive the message "modules has been disabled for this course" even though it still works on iOS 12 and via regular browser.  I've escalated both tickets to Engineering, but wondering if there is a known issue with 6.9.2 on iOS 14.

Thank you.

@cronek How do the students access Modules? Is the modules tab available via the Course Navigation or is Modules set as the home page for the course? If neither of those things are set then they will get that "disabled" message just as they would in a desktop browser.

Modules are available in the course nav.  It works on previous version of Canvas Student and it works on iOS 12.  L1 Support has confirmed it is broken and have escalated it up but no further word yet.

@cronek, I am dealing with this same issue for one student and just found out during a chat ticket that this was a known issue. Where do we find the known issues these days?

This issue has been fixed in version 6.9.3 of the Canvas Student app available for download on the App Store now.

@narmstrong @erinhallmark 

what issue were you saying was resolved?

I downloaded the updated version of student on my iPhone before trying to update my son’s iPad again to check and the same issue is occurring with images. 

I saw the release notes discussed modules as someone else referenced in the thread as being resolved. 

was it supposed to correct the issue of PNG and JPEG images not loading on the front page and other pages of courses, or assignments within courses?

I am attaching an image showing that the issue remains. 

Thank you for your help. 


Sorry, the issue with the modules page is fixed in 6.9.3. The issue with the images is still being worked on. Sorry about that. Thank you for your patience.

Our school district noticed that with running iOS 13.7 and below with the new version of the app (6.9.3), the images display without an issue. When we updated the to iOS 14 and iOS 14.0.1 is when the images do not display properly.



Hi @Steve_Hartnett, thanks for the info! We know that it is directly related to Apple's web security measures, specifically the "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" feature in iOS Settings. With that disabled the images load fine in iOS 14.

With that said, we don't recommend users disable that feature because it is a security feature for a reason. We are still working on a fix that allows images to load and the privacy feature to be turned on.



@narmstrongMy student reports back after updating her app that still doesn't see Modules. 😕

Looks like there was an additional bug that snuck right by us that still prevents modules from loading in some cases. We have a fix for it ready to go. We plan on submitting to Apple for review today.

So sorry for all of the inconvenience that this has caused.

Also, in 6.9.4 we will be adding a temporary workaround to the issue of images not loading in the apps. Users will be able to disable "Prevent Cross-Website Tracking" for just the Canvas apps which will fix images and also allow them to keep that security feature enabled for other apps (like Safari).

We recognize that this is not an ideal solution because 1) users will have to toggle the setting manually and 2) preventing cross-website tracking is a good security feature that we want to support. Once the real, long-term solution is in place we will remove the option to "Prevent Cross-Website Tracking". See screenshot below.


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