How do I create a benchmark assessment?

As a Mastery Connect district administrator (admin) or a user with benchmark author or benchmark facilitator permission, you can create a benchmark assessment.

You can create a document-based benchmark or an item-based benchmark. A document-based benchmark is administered online or via a bubble sheet and is based on a document located on Google Drive, Dropbox, or on your computer. A document-based benchmark can also be administered via a bubble sheet but have no associated document. An item-based benchmark is populated with items from an item bank and is administered online.

After you create a benchmark assessment, you can deliver it to trackers in your district.

Open Benchmark Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu click the Admin link [1]. Then, click the Assessments tab [2] and select the Benchmarks option [3]. To create a benchmark assessment, click the Add Benchmark button [4].

Alternatively, if you have the role of benchmark author or benchmark facilitator, in the Global Navigation menu click the Admin link [1]. Then click the Benchmarks tab [2].

Enter Assessment Details

In the Create Assessment page, enter assessment details [1].

Then, to create either a document-based benchmark assessment or an item-based benchmark assessment, click the Assessment Source drop-down menu [2].

Learn more about creating a document-based benchmark assessment.

Learn more about creating an item-based benchmark assessment.

Note: Benchmark assessments must have multiple standards.