How do I add trackers to a benchmark assessment delivery?

As a Mastery Connect administrator (admin), you can add trackers created by teachers to your district benchmark assessments.  You can add trackers with standards that have been auto-aligned to the assessment, and you can also search for and add trackers with standards that do not align to those in the assessment.

Open Benchmarks

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1]. Then, click the Assessments tab [2] and select the Benchmarks option [3].

Open Assessment Manager

In the Benchmarks page, locate a benchmark in the list, and click the Manage button.

Add All Matching Trackers  

In the Assessment Manager, click the Settings tab [1].

In the list, find the name of the school with the trackers you want to add. By default, all trackers whose standards match the benchmark are listed under the header for each school. To add all trackers from a school, click the checkbox to display the checkmark [2].

Add Individual Matching Trackers

To select individual trackers from a single school that match the assessment, find the name of the school in the list and click the Expand icon [1].  

In the list, trackers that were created from a curriculum map display the Curriculum Map icon [2]. Trackers that were auto-aligned to the benchmark display the Auto-Aligned icon [3].

Locate the trackers you want to add and click the checkboxes to display the checkmarks [4].

To save your selections, click the Save button [5].

Add More Trackers

Search for Teacher

To add trackers with standards that do not match those in the assessment, you can search for trackers by teacher name.

In the Search Teachers text field, begin entering the teacher's name [1].

To view the teacher's trackers, click the teacher's name link [2].

Add Trackers

Add Trackers

To select trackers to add to the benchmark, click the checkboxes to display the checkmarks [1].

Then, to save changes and add trackers for delivery ,click the Add button [2].

Note: If a teacher has trackers that were auto-aligned or created from a Curriculum Map, those trackers will also appear in this list, but the checkboxes will be pre-checked and grayed out [3].

View Manually Added Trackers

In the tracker list, manually added trackers display the Manually Added icon.