How do I create a New Quizzes item bank for an account?

As an admin, you can create an account-level item bank. You can add content to an item bank by importing a QTI file or manually creating questions.

Once an item bank is created, it can be shared with an entire institution, sub-accounts, or with individual users. Learn more about managing New Quizzes item banks in your account.


  • In order to view all account item banks, users must have the Item Banks - account manage permission.
  • To share item banks with sub-accounts, users must have the Item Banks - share with sub-account permission.

Open Item Banks

Open Item Banks

In Account Navigation, click the Item Banks link.

Add Item Bank

Click the Add Bank button.

Enter Bank Name

Enter Bank Name

In the Bank Name field, enter a name for your item bank [1]. Then click the Create Bank button [2].

View Item Bank

View your item bank. To open your item bank, click the name of the bank.

Learn how to manage item banks from the Item Banks page.

Import Content

If you have not added any content to your item bank, you can import content to your item bank from a QTI file.

To import a QTI file, click the Options icon [1] and click the Import Content option [2].

Select QTI File

Select QTI File

To add a QTI file, drag and drop the file into the Drag & Drop here field [1] or click the Browse button to select a file from your computer [2].

To import the file, click the Import button [3].

Note: New Quizzes only supports imports from QTI 1.2 and 2.x versions. However, some QTI 1.2 and 2.x 3rd party packages include software-specific item types which may not be supported.

Add New Question

To create a new question in your item bank, click the Add New button.

Select Question Type

Select Question Type

To create a new question, click the button for the question type [1] or add stimulus content [2].

The following question types are available in New Quizzes:

View Item Bank Questions

View your item bank questions [1]. To edit a question, click the Edit icon [2].

To copy or move a question to another item bank, click the Copy icon [3].

To delete a question, click the Delete icon [4].

To view more details about a question, click the Details icon [5].