How can I manage support tickets for my institution?

You can choose from three possible destinations for where the tickets your users create through the Canvas Help Menu will go, which helps you streamline your internal support team's workflow.

You can choose to route your users' tickets to:

  • Our ticketing system (Salesforce Service Cloud)
  • Your own instance of Zendesk or Service Cloud using a custom API connector
  • Almost any other ticketing system by email or web post

Send Tickets to Our Ticketing System

Sending tickets to the Canvas Support system (Service Cloud) is the default destination.

If working in the same ticket system as Canvas Support works for you, then you're welcome to use this option. Learn how to log in to Service Cloud.

The Zendesk and Service Cloud Connectors

You can use your own instance of Zendesk or Service Cloud with custom built API-based connectors for Canvas. This option allows use of the metadata from Canvas with every ticket. You can also take advantage of the analytic features.

The Email and Web Post Connectors

You can convert email or web post connectors to tickets to your own ticketing system, even if you are not using Zendesk or Service Cloud.