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How do I enable web services for an account?

How do I enable web services for an account?

Third-party integrations can be enabled as web services for an entire Canvas account.

Web services can be used to extend the functionality of a user's Canvas profile. For example, if a user connects their Twitter account to their Canvas user profile, Canvas can send that user private Twitter messages about new assignments, quizzes, messages, etc. The user can also configure their notification settings in their Notification Settings.

Note: By default, sub-account admins cannot enable web services.

Open Settings

Open Settings

In Account Navigation, click the Settings link.

View Settings

Account Settings defaults to the Settings tab.

Enable Web Services

View Web Services

In the Enabled Web Services section, check the boxes of the web services you'd like to enable.

Note: If the Google Apps LTI has been enabled for your entire institution, you do not need to enable the Google Drive web service for your students.

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