How do I use Live Events with the Data Services Portal?

If you have installed Canvas Data Services in your account, you can add and manage data streams in your account.

For more information on Canvas Data, view the Canvas Data dictionary.


  • Viewing Data Services is an account permission. If you cannot view the Data Services link in Account Navigation, this permission has not been enabled for your user account.
  • Accounts must have a supported data stream service URL to receive data streams.
  • Canvas Data streams may include personal information for Canvas users. You should only stream data to trusted services and endpoints.
  • Canvas Data does not display child account information within a parent account.
  • Live events data is processed in the same region as the Canvas instance they are emitted from. Please ensure you can receive events from any IP address. If Canvas encounters errors in user subscriptions, live event subscriptions may be disabled.

Open Account

Open Account

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Data Services

Open Data Services

In Account Navigation, click the Data Services link.

View Data Services


By default, Data Services opens to the Settings page [1]. In Data Services Settings, you can view and manage a list of all your account data streaming options.

To view data services documentation, click the Documentation tab [2].

View Data Streaming Options

View your current data streams. The Data Streaming Options table displays the name [1] and status [2] of your streams. Inactive streams display the Inactive status label [3]. Active streams do not display a label.

Add Data Stream

To add a new data stream, click the Add button.

Manage Data Stream Options

To manage options for a data stream, click the stream's Options icon [1]. To edit the stream, click the Edit link [2]. To duplicate the stream, click the Duplicate link [3]. To deactivate the stream, click the Deactivate link [4].

Note: Inactive subscriptions are only displayed for 90 days.

Reactivate Data Stream

To reactivate a deactivated stream, click the Reactivate link.