How do I view my customer KB in the Field Admin Console?

As a field admin, you can view and edit your customer knowledge base (KB) from the Field Admin Console. Customer KBs allow you to share institution-specific details that help agents assist users with support cases.

You can also create new KB entries.

Note: Field Admin Console features may vary based on account and user settings. Based on the permissions for your role, you may not be able to view or use the features described in this lesson.

Open Customer KBs

From the Field Admin Console home page, click the Customer KB tab.

Open Account KB

Click the name of the account that includes the KBs you want to view [1].

To filter the accounts that display on the page, click the Filter icon [2].

View KB Entries

View your KB entries.

To create a new KB entry, click the New button [1]. To view details for an entry, click the name of the entry [2].

View Entry Details

Each KB entry contains the following details:

  • Entry name [1]
  • Affected roles [2]
  • Default case handling [3]: provides additional details, text, and keywords that support agents can use when handling a case related to the entry
  • Update request [4]: includes any details that should be added to the entry. When these updates are addressed, click the Details Updated checkbox [5].
  • User who created the entry [6]
  • User who last modified the entry [7]

Edit Entry

To edit an entry field, click the Edit icon [1].

To edit an entire KB entry, click the Edit button [2]. To delete a KB entry, click the Delete button [3]. To clone a KB entry, click the Clone button [4].

View KB Details

To view the details for your customer KB, click the Details tab [1]. Details include alerts [2], contact information [3], prime directives [4], account terminology [5], case routing [6], and account information [7].

To edit the KB details, click the Edit icon [8].