How do I create a case in the Field Admin Console?

You can create a case from the Field Admin Console. New cases can be added to your list of open cases or escalated to Canvas Support.

If your institution uses an Instructure-managed SIS, you may be able to create an SIS support ticket or escalate an existing Canvas Support ticket to the SIS support team.  

Note: Field Admin Console features may vary based on account and user settings. Based on the permissions for your role, you may not be able to view or use the features described in this lesson.

Create New Case

In the Field Admin Console home page, click the Create Support Ticket button.

Add Case Details

Enter a subject for the case in the Subject field [1] and a description in the Description field [2].

The Add CC field is a placeholder field that holds the added CC before adding it to a case [3].


Add Attachment

To add an attachment to the case, click the Upload File link.

Select File

Select File

To upload a file from your computer, click the Upload File button [1]. To select previous files, click the Owned by Me, Shared with Me, Recent, or Following link [2].

To add the attachment, click the Add button [3].

Submit Case

Submit Case

To submit the case, click the Submit button.

View Case

View Case

View the case summary.

To view the full case details, click the case number.