How do I customize learning mastery ratings for an account?

As an admin, you can customize the Learning Mastery ratings for the Learning Mastery Gradebook and Student Learning Mastery Gradebook. You can customize the set level for mastery, name and point value for proficiency ratings, and the color associated with each rating.

Assigned colors also display in rubric results within a student's Grades page. Even if students do not have access to the Student Learning Mastery Gradebook, the Grades page uses color to help students more easily recognize their own results within an assignment.

Customized Learning Mastery ratings apply to rubric criteria, not just outcomes criteria. When a rubric is used to assess a student, the selected criterion ratings match the point value or range in an outcomes proficiency rating and display the same color results. For instance, if the Exceeds Mastery proficiency rating is set to 5 points and indicated by the color green, a course rubric criterion with a rating of 5 points awarded to a student also displays the color green.

Note: You can allow instructors to manage outcome mastery scales for outcomes in their course.

Open Account

Open Account

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Rubrics

Open Rubrics

In Account Navigation, click the Rubrics link.

Open Learning Mastery

Open Learning Mastery

Click the Learning Mastery tab.

View Learning Mastery

The Learning Mastery tab defaults to five rows, each with a learning mastery option (as noted from top to bottom):

  • Proficiency Rating Identifiers: Exceeds Mastery, Mastery, Near Mastery, Below Mastery, Well Below Mastery
  • Points: 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
  • Colors: Dark green, light green, yellow, orange, red

Mastery is set in the second row.

Customize Learning Mastery

To set the mastery level, select the desired option in the Mastery column [1].

To change the name of a proficiency rating, select the rating name field and type the new name [2].

To change the point value associated with a proficiency rating, select the Points field and type the desire point value [3].

Customize Rating Color

Customize Proficiency Color

To change the color associated with a proficiency rating, locate the rating and click the Change link. You can select a default color option [1] or enter  a hex color code [2].

To save the selected color, click the Apply button [3].

Add Rating

To add a proficiency rating, click the Add button [1].

A new rating row displays at the bottom of the list with 0 points [2]. Customize the ratings as necessary.

You can add as many ratings as needed for your institution.

Delete Rating

Delete Rating

To delete a proficiency rating, click the Delete icon.

Save Learning Mastery

Delete Rating

To save your changes, click the Save Learning Mastery button.