How do I view the Admin Analytics Overview Dashboard?

If enabled by your institution, you can use Admin Analytics to view, filter, and download data about Canvas usage.

In the Overview Dashboard, you can view account courses by status, student and teacher engagement data, various data over a given time, and average course grades. You can also view course and student-specific data in the Course Dashboard and Student Dashboard respectively.

Learn more about dashboard charts and statistics.


  • The Admin Analytics feature preview is in active development. To provide direct feedback about this feature, please post in the Admin Analytics user group.
  • Sub-account admins must have the Admin Analytics - View and Export Data permission enabled to view Admin Analytics data for their subaccount(s).

Open Account

Open Account

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Admin Analytics

Open Admin Analytics

In Account Navigation, click the Admin Analytics link.

Open Overview Dashboard

Open Overview Dashboard

By default, the Overview Dashboard displays filters by active term.

View Overview Dashboard

In the Overview Dashboard, you can view the following charts:

  • Courses by status [1]
  • Enrolled students with or without activity [2]
  • Teacher use of courses with activity [3]
  • Course status over time [4]
  • Enrolled students over time [5]
  • Average course grades [6]
  • Interactions by Canvas feature [7]
  • Overall course interactions over time [8]

Learn more about viewing and managing statistic and chart data.

Note: All statistics and charts display data based on the selected filters.