How do I create a macro in the Field Admin Console?

You can create a macro in the Field Admin Console. Macros allow you to apply set changes to any case in a few clicks. You can apply a macro when you view an individual case.

Note: Field Admin Console features may vary based on account and user settings. Based on the permissions for your role, you may not be able to view or use the features described in this lesson.

Open Macros

To open the Macros page, click the Macros tab.

Create New Macro

To create a new macro, click the New button.

Add Macro Details

Add Macro Details

Enter the details for the macro. Macro details include:

  • Name [1]
  • Account [2]: displays the account where macro can be used. To remove an account, click the Remove icon [3].
  • Transfer [4]: transfers cases to designated field admin
  • Status [5]: designates case status, which can be set to open, new, pending, on hold, solved, or closed as duplicate.
  • Canvas Component Section [6]: describes whether the case relates to an entire account, a specific course, a Canvas user, an LTI or integration, or a non-Canvas issue.
  • Canvas Component Affected [7]: describes the feature in Canvas where the bug or issue comes from.
  • Canvas Component Action [8]: describes the action that led to the case creation.
  • Disable Notifications [9]: prevents notification emails from sending to Case Owner, Case Contact, and Case CC.
  • Chatter Comment [10]: adds comment to every case

To learn more about options available for the Canvas Components fields, view the Canvas Component resource document.

Save Macro

Save Macro

To save your macro, click the Save button [1]. To save your macro and begin creating a new macro, click the Save & New button [2].

To delete your macro, click the Cancel button [3].

View Macro

View the macro.

To edit the macro, click the Edit button [1]. To delete your macro, click the Delete button [2]. To duplicate your macro, click the Clone button [3].