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How do I use the outcomes page in an account?

Find your school's Canvas URL

To find your school or institution's Canvas URL, begin typing the name of your school/institution. Results will appear after you type at least 3 characters. For best results be as specific as possible. If you can't find your school, try using any part of your school's name or searching for your school district or state. You may also need to search for the school using the acronym or full name, for example "USU" and "Utah State University".

How do I use the outcomes page in an account?

Outcomes are used to track mastery in an account or course. From the account outcomes page, you can create and manage outcomes, create outcome groups, import outcomes, and manage rubrics for an account.

This lesson displays how to use the Outcomes page in the classic Outcomes page view. If the Outcomes page in your account displays differently than the images in this lesson, learn how to use the account outcomes page in an account that has enabled the Improved Outcomes Management feature option.

Open Account

Open Account

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Outcomes

Open Outcomes

In Account Navigation, click the Outcomes link.

View Outcomes

On the outcomes page, you can create a new outcome [1], create a new outcome group [2], and find an outcome [3].

If you have permission, you can import an outcome [4].

To view details about an outcome group, click the name of the outcome group [5].

To view an outcome, click the name of the outcome [6].

View Outcome

To view an outcome, click the name of the outcome [1].

You can view the outcome description [2], criterion ratings [3], points needed for mastery [4], the calculation method [5], and the calculation method explanation [6].

To view items aligned with the outcome and outcome artifacts, click the outcome title [7].

Note: If mastery scales and calculation methods do not display for your outcome, your institution has enabled account-wide and/or course-wide mastery scales and calculation methods.

Manage Outcome and Outcome Group

Manage Outcome

You can move [1], edit [2], or delete [3] an outcome or outcome group.


  • You cannot delete an outcome that has been used to assess students.
  • If a rubric includes an outcome that has been used to assess a submission, edits made to the outcome are not reflected in previous rubric assessments.
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