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Feature Option Overview: Improved Outcomes Management

Feature Option Overview: Improved Outcomes Management



The Improved Outcomes Management feature provides admins and instructors with improved outcomes creation, navigation, search and import experiences.

This change helps administrators and instructors make more meaningful decisions, clearly view the structure of outcome sets, and provide access to move, edit, or group outcomes as makes sense for relevant courses and subjects within their institutions. Additionally, instructors can make intentional decisions about which outcomes to import to a course.



Release Schedule

Updates included in the regular Canvas release schedule (see the Canvas Release Notes)

Feature Updates

Improved Outcomes Management release updates

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Improved Outcomes Management Ideas

Upcoming Enhancements

If available, see Product Roadmap

Mobile App Support

Not yet available

Beta Environment Availability


Production Environment Availability




Feature Option Location & Default Status

Account (Off/Unlocked)

    Feature Option State


    Enabled by Canvas Admin

No; contact Customer Success Manager

    Subaccount Configuration


    Related Feature Options

Account and Course Level Outcome Mastery Scales

Affected Canvas Areas



Must be used with Account and Course Level Outcome Mastery Scales Feature Option


Learning Outcomes - add / edit / delete

Learning Outcomes - import


GraphQL: learningOutcomeGroup, outcomeCalculationMethod, outcomeProficiency


User Documentation

Affected User Roles

Admins, Instructors

Affects User Interface


Canvas User Guides

Admin Guide Improved Outcomes Management Lessons

Instructor Guide Improved Outcomes Management Lessons


Release Screencast: Outcomes (Improved Outcomes Management)

Feature Q&A

Releases Q&A: Improved Outcomes Management Feature Preview

All Community Feature Preview Resources

Improved Outcomes Management Resources

Known Issues

Behaviors that are contrary to explanations in the workflow summary should be submitted to Canvas Support. Notable known behaviors are posted in Known Issues.


Feature Workflow

Manage Tab

Improved Outcomes Management provides an improved user interface in the Manage Tab. Feature functionality at both the account and course levels is the same. The only differences lie in the level where outcomes are being managed.

Manage TabManage Tab


Mastery and Calculation Tabs

This feature currently decouples mastery and calculation settings from individual outcomes in the Manage tab via the Mastery and Calculation Tabs. Adjustments to these options will be made in future releases. 

Learn more about these tabs in Canvas Feature Preview: Account and Course Level Outcome Mastery Scales.


Find Outcomes

In the Outcomes page, the Find button allows users to find previously created outcomes. 

Find Outcome ButtonFind Outcome Button


At the course level, users can find and add outcomes from the account level.

At the account level, admins can find and add state and core standards for the entire account.

Note: State and core standards must be requested from a Customer Success Manager before they will be available to be added.

Add Outcomes to Account or CourseAdd Outcomes to Account or Course

View Outcome Groups

Outcomes are displayed in nested outcome group folders. When a group is selected, all outcomes within the group display in the window. Additional groups, if available, can also be selected and expanded. As groups become more granular, the number of outcomes in each group is decreased and shown at the top of the group.

Grouped OutcomesGrouped Outcomes

Expand Divider

The divider between the outcomes group sidebar and the outcomes window can be expanded or condensed by hovering over and dragging the divider. This functionality allows admins to view content on either side of the divider, such as the full name of a folder.



Expand Descriptions

Like outcome groups, individual outcome descriptions can be expanded to view all outcome information.

Outcome Group ExpandedOutcome Group Expanded


Search Outcomes

Each outcome group includes a search field, which can be used to filter outcomes within a group. Any results in the search are displayed in the window.

Search FieldSearch Field


Add All Outcomes

All outcomes within a group can be added at one time. When a group is selected, Canvas will show the number of outcomes that will be added to the course. 

Add Multiple OutcomesAdd Multiple OutcomesNote: At the course level, if more than 50 outcomes are being added to the course, a message displays in the page to confirm the outcomes import.


Outcomes confirmationOutcomes confirmation


Add Individual Outcomes

Individual outcomes can be added to the account by selecting the Add button next to the outcome name.

Add Individual OutcomesAdd Individual Outcomes

The Done button closes the Outcomes window when outcomes have been added.


Create Outcomes

Outcomes that do not already exist can be created manually using the Create button. The Create page includes fields for the outcome name, a friendly display name, and a description of the outcome. An outcome group location must also be specified for the outcome.

Create OutcomesCreate Outcomes


Import Outcomes

Outcomes may also be added to a course or account using the Import button. 

Import OutcomesImport Outcomes


View Outcomes

The Manage tab shows all outcomes added to the course or account. When this tab is viewed, outcomes are displayed with the account-level group displayed first and expanded automatically. 

View OutcomesView Outcomes

When viewing outcomes added to the account or course, each outcome group can be expanded by clicking the name of the group. When an outcome group is selected, the total number of outcomes in the group displays below the search field.


View Outcome GroupView Outcome Group


Outcomes Management

Outcome Groups

Options for Outcome Groups can be managed in the group’s Settings icon. Access to each option is dependent on permissions.

The Edit link allows editing the outcome group name and description.

The Remove link allows the outcome group to be removed from the course or account. However, if an outcome within the group has been aligned to content in the course or account, the outcome cannot be removed.

The Move link allows the outcome group to be moved to another location in the outcomes structure.

The Add Outcomes link allows outcomes to be added to the group.

The Import Outcomes link allows outcomes to be imported via CSV file.

The View Description link displays the description written for the outcome group, if any.

Outcome Group Settings MenuOutcome Group Settings Menu


Individual Outcomes

Each individual outcome includes a Settings link, which provides Edit, Remove, and Move options for the outcome. Access to each option is also dependent on permissions.

The Edit link allows the outcome name, friendly name, and description fields to be edited for content.

Note: Instructors cannot edit outcomes added from the account level. 

Remove link allows an outcome to be removed from a group. However, if an outcome has been aligned to content in the account, the Remove link is grayed out.

The Move link allows the outcome to be moved to another outcome group as selected in the group structure.

Individual Outcome Settings MenuIndividual Outcome Settings Menu


Bulk Outcomes

Outcomes can also be managed in bulk by selecting the checkbox next to the intended outcomes. The number of selected outcomes will be displayed at the bottom of the outcomes list.

Outcomes may be able to be removed or moved. However, if an outcome cannot be removed or moved, the page will display a message indicating the action is not permitted.

Select Multiple OutcomesSelect Multiple Outcomes



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