How do I add a rubric to an item?

In Mastery Connect, you can enter text, copy and paste an existing rubric, insert a rubric as a JPEG or PNG image, or build one as a table using the text editor.

Open Item Editor

Open Item Editor

When you create an item with rubric-based scoring, you can add a rubric information in the Item Editor.

To view the rubric fields, click the More options link [1].

Enter rubric text and the hightest number of points possible in the rubric fields [2].

Copy and Paste Rubric

Copy and Paste Rubric

To add text from an existing rubric document, copy the selected text from your document file. Then move the cursor to the Rubric text field and press the Control+V keys (on a PC keyboard) or Command+V keys (on a Mac keyboard).

Note: Pasted text displays in plain text only.

Insert Rubric Image File

Alternatively, you can add a rubric image from a file on your computer.

To add a rubric image, click inside the Rubric text field to display the formatting toolbar [1].

To upload a rubric image, click the Image button [2].

In the Image Properties window, enter an image name in the Image Title text field [3].

To upload an image from your files, click the Upload Image button [4].

For more image options, click the More Options drop-down [5].

To format the rubric size, enter dimensions in the Height and Width text fields [6].

To host your own image, enter the URL in the Image URL text field [7].

To save changes, click the Save button [8]. To delete changes and exit, click the Cancel button [9].

Note: You can upload JPEG, or PNG image files.

Build Rubric

Build Rubric

If you do not have an existing rubric, you can enter text directly in the Rubric text field.

To insert a table, click the Table icon [1]. Then, select properties for the table in the Table Properties menu [2].

To create the table template click the OK button [3].

To close without saving and return to the text editor, click the Cancel button [4].

Format Table

Enter Rubric Details

The blank table displays in the Rubric text field [1].  

Enter the rubric contents in the table. Text can be formatted with the text editor [2]

Enter Total Points

Enter Total Points

When you have finished entering the rubric text, enter the total number of points possible in the Rubric Total Points text field.