How do I create a passage in Mastery Connect?

In Mastery Connect, you can create passages to add to items. A passage displays alongside an item for students to read while answering the item. You can use the passage content editor to format text and include a variety of content such as images, math, tables, information, etc.

Open Items

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Items link.

Open Passages

Click the Passages tab.

Add Passage

Click the Add Passage button.

Enter Passage Details

Enter Passage Details

Enter the passage title in the Title field [1].

To select an optional grade level for the passage, click the Grade Level drop-down menu [2], and select a grade range option.

By default, English is selected as the language for the passage. To create a Spanish language passage, click the Language drop-down menu [3], and select the Spanish option.

To enter passage content, click in the Passage field [4].

Enter Passage Content

Enter Passage Content

Enter text in the Passage field [1].

When you click in the Passage field, the passage content editor displays [2]. To format the passage text, add images, add math, etc., use the buttons and menus in the passage content editor.

Note: You can also click the passage content editor's Expand or Collapse icon to view or hide the passage content editor.

Preview Passage

Preview Passage

While entering passage content, you can preview the passage, save the passage, or save and continue editing.

To save the passage and view it as a student would see it, click the Preview tab [1] or the Save button [2].

To save the passage and continue editing it, click the Save and Continue Editing button [3].

View Passage

View Passage

From the passage preview, you can return to editing the passage, clone the passage, or delete the passage.

To return to passage editing, click the Edit button [1].

To clone the passage, click the Clone button [2].

To delete the passage, click the Delete button [3].