How do I tag partial text of a Mastery Connect passage as Spanish?

If you create a Mastery Connect passage that contains both English and Spanish language text, you can tag selected text as Spanish. When you tag text as Spanish, the text-to-speech tool reads the tagged text with Spanish pronunciation.

Note: Alternatively, you can create a Spanish language passage, which the text-to-speech tool reads entirely with Spanish pronunciation.

Open Items

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Items link.

Add Passage

To create a new passage, click the Passages tab [1]. Then, click the Add Passage button [2].

Enter Passage Details

Enter a passage title [1]. Optionally, select a passage grade level [2].

Click the Language drop-down menu, and select the English option [3].

Enter passage text that contains both English and Spanish phrases or words in the Passage field [4].

Tag Spanish Text

Tag Spanish Text

To tag some text as Spanish, select the text [1]. Then, click the Language icon [2], and select the Spanish option [3].

Save Passage

Save Passage

To save and close the passage editor, click the Save button [1]. Or, to save and continue editing the passage, click the Save and Continue Editing button [2].

View Spanish Text in Editor

View Passage Text

In the passage editor, the Spanish text displays in italics.

View Passage

View Spanish Text

When you close the passage, you can view the text as it will display to a student.