How do I add a calculator, ruler, or protractor to an item through an item bank in Mastery Connect?

When creating or editing an item in Mastery Connect, you can add one or more item-level tools. You can add a Mastery Connect calculator, a Desmos calculator, a ruler, or a protractor.


  • Teachers can also provide students with tools at the tracker level or at the assessment level. An administrator can provide tools for a benchmark assessment.
  • When the Include question level tools option is enabled for a tracker or assessment, item-level tools are available in addition to the tracker-level and assessment-level tools.
  • Item-level tools display in the main body of an item.
  •  The Desmos calculators are only available in districts that have paid Desmos subscriptions.

Open Items

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Items link.

Note: You can also add item-level tools to an item within an assessment. Learn more about adding a calculator, ruler, or protractor to an item within an assessment.

Open Item Editor

To open the item editor, create a new item or edit an existing item.

To create a new item, click the Add Item button [1]. Learn more about creating an item.

To edit an existing item, click the name of the item [2]. Then, click the Edit button [3]. You can learn more about editing an item.

Add Feature

In the Item Editor, click the Add Feature button.

Select Tool

Select Tool

From the Add Feature drop-down menu, select any of the following tool options to add them:

  • Calculators [1]: Mastery Connect Basic, Extended, or Scientific calculators.
  • Desmos calculators [2]: If your institution paid for Desmos calculators, you can add the Desmos Scientific, Desmos Four Function, or Desmos Graphing calculator.
  • Rulers [3]: 6 inches, 12 inches, 15 centimeters, or 30 centimeters.
  • Protractor [4]: standard protractor.

View Tool Icons

View Tool Icons

Icons for added tools display on the item.

Delete Tool

Remove Tool

To delete a tool, hover the cursor over the tool icon, then click the Delete Feature icon.

View Item-Level Tool

While taking an assessment, students can view the item-level tools in the main body of the item [1].

Item-level tools do not display in the toolbar [2]. The toolbar contains only tracker-level and assessment-level tools.