How do I find passages in item banks to view or manage?

To view or manage passages in a Mastery Connect item bank, you can find passages by searching or filtering the list of passages.

You can search for passages by words or phrases in the passage title. You can also filter the passage list by grade level.

Open Items

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Items link.

View Passage List

By default, your personal item bank is selected [1].

To view a list of passages in the selected bank, click the Passages tab [2].

The Results area displays a list of all the passage titles in the selected item bank [3]. One passage is selected [4], and a its preview displays [5].

Select Different Item Bank

To select a different item bank, click the drop-down menu icon [1]. Then, select another item bank name link [2].

Search by Passage Title

To search for a passage by title, enter all or part of the title in the Search field.

Filter Passage List

Filter Passage List by Grade Level

To filter the passage list by grade level, click the Grade Level drop-down menu [1], and select a grade range [2].

Sort Passage List

By default, the passage list is sorted alphabetically by title. To change the sort order, click the Sort drop-down menu [1]. Then, select an option from the list [2]. You can sort passages based on their titles in alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order. You can also sort passages based on when they were created or by grade in ascending or descending order.

View or Manage Passage

To view or manage a passage, click the passage title [1]. The passage displays [2].

To edit a passage you created, click the Edit button [3].

To clone a passage, click the Clone button [4].

To delete a passage, click the Delete button [5].