How do I create a formula essay item?

In Mastery Connect, you can create a formula essay item. In a formula essay question, the student enters and formats text and math using a keyboard and a keypad interface. This type of question uses rubric grading.

You can create any item type through the Item Editor. You can also use the Item Editor to add passages, add item-level tools, and save the item. To open and use the Item Editor, learn more about:

Note: This question type is now deprecated, meaning it will not be updated in the future.

Enter Question or Instructions

Enter Question or Instructions

In the Item Editor, enter the question or item prompt in the Compose question text field [1].

To edit a default formatting option for text answers, click one of the drop-down text formatting menus [2].

To remove a formatting option, click the Delete icon next to its drop-down menu [3].

To add an additional text formatting option for student answers, click the Add button [4].

To enter rubric criteria, click the More options drop-down menu [5].

Note: You can also view additional scoring, layout, formatting, and labeling options for the item in the More options menu.

Enter Rubric Criteria

Enter Rubric Criteria

In the Custom Metadata section, enter the rubric criteria.