How do I tag partial text of a Mastery Connect item as Spanish?

If you create an English language Mastery Connect item that contains both English and Spanish language text, you can manually tag selected text as Spanish using HTML. When you tag text as Spanish, the text-to-speech tool reads the tagged text using Spanish pronunciation.

Note: Alternatively, you can create a Spanish language item, which the text-to-speech tool reads entirely using Spanish pronunciation.

Create or Edit Item

Create or edit an English language item. You can create or edit an item within an item bank or from within an assessment.

Within the Item Editor, enter text that contains both English and Spanish phrases or words.

Note: You can learn more about adding text for specific item types.

Open Source

Open Source

To edit the text in HTML, click the Source button.

View Source

View Source

The Source window displays the item text in HTML.

Add Spanish Language Tags

Add Spanish Lanaguage Tags

Enter <span dir="ltr" lang="es"> before the Spanish words [1].

Enter </span> after the Spanish words [2].

To save the changes, click the OK button [3].