How do I create a plain text essay item?

In Mastery Connect, you can create an essay question with plain text. An essay with plain text item allows the student to enter text in response to a prompt.

You can create any item type through the Item Editor. You can also add passages to items, add item-level tools, and save the item. To open and use the Item Editor to add passages, add item-level tools, and save the item, learn more about:

Enter Essay Prompt

Enter Essay Prompt

In the Item Editor, enter the essay question or prompt in the Compose question text field [1].

By default, copy, cut, and paste options are enabled for student answers. To disable the copy, cut, or paste options click the checkbox(es) to de-select [2].

To set a word limit for the response, enter a maximum word count in the Word limit text box [3]. To select how the word limit will display in the student view, click the Word limit drop-down menu and select a display option [4].

To add additional scoring, layout, formatting, and labeling options for the item, click the More options drop-down menu [5].