How do I create a hotspot item?

In Mastery Connect, you can create a hotspot item. A hotspot item is an image-based question in which students click on a pre-determined section of an image in response to a stimulus.

You can create any item type through the Item Editor. You can also use the Item Editor to add passages, add item-level tools, and save the item. To open and use the Item Editor, learn more about:

Enter Question or Instructions

Enter Question or Instructions

In the Item Editor, enter a question or item prompt in the Compose question field [1].

Enter text that displays when the image can not be displayed to the user in the Image alternative text field [2].

To enter an image file or URL, click the Edit button [3].

To change the image size, enter new dimensions in the Width (px) and Height (px) fields [4].

Draw Selection Areas

Draw Selection Areas

To draw a selection area, click the Draw button [1]. Then, use the cursor to create a selection area around any part of the image [2]. Repeat with all selection areas for the question.  

To undo or redo a portion of a selection area, click the Undo and Redo buttons [3]. To delete an entire selection area, click the selection area. Then click the Delete button [4].

To select fill color for the possible answer areas, click the Fill Color box [5]. Use the Current color window to select a new color and opacity [6]. Then, click the Apply button [7]. Repeat to a fill color for selected answers and optional outline colors.

Enter Correct Answers

Enter Correct Answers

Enter a point value for the item in the Point(s) box [1].  

Click the image to select the correct answer(s) [2].

To allow multiple correct answers, click the Multiple responses checkbox [3].

To select alternate correct answers, click the Add icon [4].

To add additional scoring, layout, and formatting options for the item, click the More options drop-down menu [5].

Note: Exact match is the only scoring type allowed for hotspot items.

Validate Answers

Validate Answers

To preview the item interaction, click a selection area.  

To view correct and incorrect answers, click the Show Answers checkbox [1]. Correct answers display a check mark and are shaded green [2]. Incorrect answers display an X and are shaded red [3]. If the answer in a response box is incorrect, the correct answer displays in the Correct answers window [4].

The number of points awarded for the item as answered in the preview window over the number of points possible display in the scoring bubble [5].