What is item versioning in Mastery Connect?

Item versioning allows multiple versions of a single item to exist simultaneously in the Mastery Connect database.

When an item in a purchased item bank is updated by the item bank owner, both the old and new versions remain in the database. This process allows Mastery Connect to maintain data integrity in scored assessments while keeping item banks up to date.

View New Version in Item Bank

When an item is edited by the item bank owner:

  • The item bank displays the new version but maintains the old version in the database.
  • Any reserved items in the item bank are replaced with the new version.

View Old Version in Existing Assessments

When an item is edited by the item bank owner:

  • Items used in existing assessments continue to display the old version.
  • If the assessment is already added to a tracker, the old version continues to display and cannot be deleted.

View Cloned or Edited Assessments

When you clone or edit an item-based assessment:

  • The old version of the item continues to display in the clone or edited assessment. The item is labeled as the old version.
  • If a new version of an item is available, you can delete the old version of the item and add the new version. New item versions typically have "-[version number]" at the end of the name.
  • If you delete an old item from an assessment, the item cannot be returned to the assessment in its old form. If you add the item back, the new version of the item is added.