How do I create a classification item?

In Mastery Connect, you can create a classification item.  A classification item asks students to use a drag and drop feature to classify responses into appropriate chart cells in response to a stimulus.

You can create any item type through the Item Editor. You can also use the Item Editor to add passages, add item-level tools, and save the item. To open and use the Item Editor, learn more about:

Compose Question  

In the Item Editor, enter the question prompt in the Compose question text field [1].

Enter the number of chart columns and rows in the Column count and Row count fields [2].

Enter column titles in the Column titles text boxes [3]. To add additional columns, click the Add Columns icon [4].

To delete a column, click the Delete icon [5].

To optionally add row titles, click the Add Rows icon [6].

Group Possible Responses

To organize responses into groups, click the Group possible responses check box to display the check mark [1].

By default, existing responses will be included in Group 1.

To add a new group, click the Add Group button [2]. Enter a name for the new group in the Title text field [3]. Then, add the responses you want to include in the group in the Possible responses text fields [4].

To delete an entire group, click the Delete Group icon [5].  

Set Correct Answers

Enter the number of points for the item in the Point(s) text box [1].

To move answers to the correct position on the chart, move the cursor to the response box. Then, click and drag an answer box to the correct position on the chart [2]. Repeat with all answer boxes.  

To display a drag handle when moving answers, click the Show drag handle checkbox [3].

To continue to display answer boxes in the list even after they have been moved to the chart, and allow them to display more then one time in the chart, click the Duplicate responses checkbox [4].

To add additional scoring, layout, formatting, and labeling options for the item, click the More options drop-down menu [5].

Validate Answers

In the preview section, click and drag a response box to a position on the chart. Repeat for all possible answers.

To validate answers, click the Show Answers text box [1].

Correct answers display a green check mark [2]. Incorrect answers display a red X [3].

Correct answers display in the Correct answers list [4].

You can view the number of points awarded for the item as answered in the preview window over the number of points possible [5].

Note: Other scoring options, including partial credit can be selected in the more options menu.