How do I create a cloze association item?

In Mastery Connect, you can create a cloze association item. A cloze association item is a fill-in-the-blank (typically word-based) question that allows a student to drag and drop response options to blank response locations.

You can create any item type through the Item Editor. You can also use the Item Editor to add passages, add item-level tools, and save the item. To open and use the Item Editor, learn more about:

Enter Question or Instructions

Enter Question or Instructions

In the Item Editor, enter the question or item prompt in the Compose question text field [1].

Type or copy and paste the text for the question in the Template markup field [2].  

To insert a response box, click the Insert Response icon [3].

Add Answer Choices

Add Answer Choices

Enter answer choices in the Possible responses fields [1]. You can format possible responses as text, numbers, fractions, or mixed fractions. To format possible responses, use the formatting menu [2].

To add additional possible responses, click the Add icon [3].

To remove additional possible responses, click the Delete icon [4].

To organize possible responses into groups, click the Group possible responses checkbox [5].

Set Correct Answers

Set Correct Answers

Enter a point value for the item in the Point(s) box [1].

To set the correct answers, drag and drop the possible responses into the correct blank boxes [2].

To display a drag handle when moving response boxes, click the Show drag handle checkbox [3].

To enter an alternate correct answer, click the Add Alternate icon [4].

To continue to display possible responses after they have been moved to the selection boxes, click the Duplicate responses checkbox [5].

To allow more than one valid response for one response option, click the Match all possible responses checkbox [6].

To add additional scoring, layout, formatting, and labeling options for the item, click the More options drop-down menu [7].

Validate Answers

Validate Answers

To view correct and incorrect answers, click the Show Answers checkbox [1]. Correct answers display a check mark and are shaded green [2]. Incorrect answers display an X and are shaded red [3].

Unselected correct answers display in the Correct answers section [4].

The number of points awarded for the item as answered in the preview window over the number of points possible display in the scoring bubble [5].