How do I use the text-to-speech tool in an item bank assessment?

Item-Based enhanced accommodation (EA) assessments have several tools and accommodations to help you while taking a Mastery Connect assessment. If your teacher has enabled the text-to-speech tool, you can use it to read passages, items, and item responses aloud to you.


  • The text-to-speech tool currently reads text in items and passages. It does not read images or image text.
  • Teachers can enable and manage the text-to-speech tool at the individual student level or at the tracker level.
  • Text-to-speech is not available for document-based assessments. If you require text-to-speech for a an assessment and it is not available, use a native OS screen reader such as VoiceOver for Mac or JAWS for Windows.

Enter Test and Student IDs

Enter Student and Test IDs

Navigate to, enter the Test ID [1], and click the Next button [2]. 

Then, enter your Student ID [3] and click the Next button to begin the test [4].

Note: You can also take an assessment from the Mastery Connect Student Portal.

View Text-to-Speech Toolbar

When text-to-speech is enabled, the language and speech toolbar displays.

Note: The language and speech toolbar can also display other language and speech accommodation tools such as dictionary tools.

Read Entire Item

To have the text-to-speech tool read the entire item, click the Play button.

Read Part of Item

To have the text-to-speech tool read a part of an item, click the Reading Mode button.

Click Text

Then, to hear text read from the beginning of a sentence, click anywhere in the text [1].

The text-to-speech tool reads from the beginning of the sentence and continues to the end of the item unless you pause or stop the reading.

Exit Reading Mode

To exit reading mode, click the Reading Mode button.

Pause Reading

To pause the text-to-speech reading, click the Pause button.

Stop Reading

To stop the text-to-speech reading, click the Stop button.

Move or Hide Tools

To move the language and speech toolbar, click the Move button [1]. Then, drag the toolbar to another location on the window.

To hide the language and speech tools, click the Collapse button [2].