How do I open a Canvas Assignment from a Mastery Connect tracker?

After you convert a Canvas quiz to a Mastery Connect assessment or link a Mastery Connect assessment to an assignment, you can access the Canvas assignment from a tracker Assessments tab.

Open Canvas Course

Open Canvas Course

Log in to your Canvas account.

To log into your Mastery Connect account from Canvas, in the Global Navigation menu, click the Mastery link [1].

To enter your course, in the Global Navigation menu, click the Courses link [2]. Then, click the course name link [3].


  • If the course is not listed, select the All Courses link [4], then click the title of your course.
  • In order to link a Mastery Tracker assessment to an assignment, you must first link a Mastery Tracker to your course.

Open Mastery Tracker Assessments

In Course Navigation, click the Mastery Tracker link [1]. Your mastery tracker displays in your Canvas course.

To view assessments, click the Assessments tab [2].

Open Canvas Assignment

Locate an assessment linked to a Canvas assignment, and click the More icon [1]. Then, click the Canvas Assignment link [2].