How do I unlink a tracker from a Canvas course?

If your institution uses Mastery Connect trackers in Canvas, your Mastery Trackers are linked to Canvas courses. If necessary, you can unlink a Mastery Tracker from a Canvas course.


  • Deleting all linked assignments and grades from the Canvas course is final and cannot be undone.
  • If your tracker contains multiple sections and you unlink it, you will not be able re-link the tracker. If you need to link to a new course, consider moving your tracker to another course.
  • After you unlink a tracker from your original course, the active Canvas assignments that were previously linked to the Mastery Connect tracker will remain in the Canvas assignment list but will not be available to administer.

Open Canvas Course

Open Canvas Course

Log in to your Canvas account.

To log into your Mastery Connect account from Canvas, in the Global Navigation menu, click the Mastery link [1].

To enter your course, in the Global Navigation menu, click the Courses link [2]. Then click the course name link [3].

Note: If the course is not listed, select the All Courses link [4], then click the title of your course.

Open Mastery Tracker

In the Course Navigation menu, click the Mastery Tracker link.